Sunglasses at the ready

So… I quit my job. I have worked at a Provo based crafting and home decor company called DCWV for 9 years. I started as a temp graphic designer on an off semester in college, and am saying farewell as the art director of a fantastic design team. It would have been 10 years in March.

Why did I quit? Lots of reasons. I’ve got a whole list of them, which includes things like “There’s other stuff out there,” “Must go to grad school,” and “I can’t be stressed out all the time.” But most of all, even though I really love my job, I just wasn’t feeling like myself.

I did some end of year assessing recently, and was alarmed to realize that so many of the things that I used to feel were part of my identity are things that I have let slip. Photography has been relegated to a rather sparse little Instagram account, my writing is limited to quoting my sister on Facebook, and I’m embarrassed to admit: in 2013 I blogged a mere 11 times. That’s not even once a month. Between April and September, there was total silence from Radio Tai! Don’t even ask me the last time I drew something or painted. I haven’t thrown a non-family dinner party in two years. Three? I haven’t even painted my nails in a month.

I mean, not to be melodramatic, but who am I anymore? Ok, that’s melodramatic. But still. It’s obviously time for a change. Long overdue, in fact.

If you’re thinking, “But Tai, was that wise? Do you have backup?” Rest assured, my concerned friend, that not only do I have a backup, but that I’ve got amazing stuff lined up. So stay tuned and dig out your sunglasses, because the future is bright. For now, I’ve got two more days with my team, who are the best coworkers anyone could ask for. I’m pretty thrilled that I’m only three miles away, and can see them any time I want, because there are going to be tears from me on Friday as it is.

So. I’m excited. Life is crazy, life is daring, and change can be the best thing that ever happens to you if you lean into it.

PS. My new Nikon arrives tomorrow.

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  1. I agree with this sentence:Life is crazy, life is daring, and change can be the best thing that ever happens to you if you lean into it.Thank you!

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